Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services
Above all, we want to help our patients increase their quality of life. When you work with our chiropractors, you can expect personalized treatment that focuses on what you need the most in order to see the greatest results.

We will start with an initial evaluation so we can fully understand your needs and to create a strategy going forward. The range of treatment will vary depending on your unique needs, so we will take a close look at your mobility, we will ask questions about your home and work environment, what tasks you need the most help with, and more. We utilize a variety of treatments, including massage therapy, cold laser therapy, nutrition, Acupuncture , chiropractic care, and others.

After careful evaluation, we formulate a treatment plan. Each session will include a range of rehabilitation methods to strengthen muscles, improve balance and so much more. Whatever your needs are, you can count on the team at Hyde Park Chiropractic Wellness Center to provide care and treatment that goes above and beyond.

Schedule your initial evaluation with us today.