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Each one of us is metabolically and biochemically unique. At our wellness center we aim to find out what is unique about you.

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Micronutrient Test:   Although you may eat a balanced diet, you may have micronutrient deficiencies if you do not properly absorb vitamins, minerals and/or antioxidants.

To identify these deficiencies, in addition to the more traditional lab tests,  we may recommend  the SpectraCell Micronutrient Test. This is the only functional test on the market today that helps us measure the intracellular levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acid and antioxidants. Intracellular measurements are essential in determining the body’s ability to absorb, transport and utilize nutrients.

  • Micronutrient requirements for each person is dependent on age, physical activity, prescription drugs, smoking, alcohol, sedentary habits, and physical/emotional/environmental stressors.
  • Overwhelming evidence reveals that micronutrient deficiencies are associated with inflammation and chronic disease, therefore affecting your physical and mental health and ultimately your quality of life.


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